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Related article: Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:53:53 -0000 From: Malcolm Cowan Subject: After The Matchmaker Part 1AFTER THE MATCHMAKER by Magic Malcolm. ( of all, if you find the very idea of two males having sex disturbing, STOP READING now!Still here? Good, then you came here to read this Erotic Story featuring gay men. These characters are completely fictional and this never ever happened. Unless there is a wacky coincidence.If the law where you happen to live doesn't allow you to read this story, you really should stop reading. But I don't actually care. Bleah. No, if you are underage I do ask you to stop reading this now. If you don't, well there isn't nothing I can do about it, but feel a little guilty that you're breaking the law.Obviously it will help if you read the original "MATCHMAKER" story before moving onto this, the sequel! I promised not to plug my other stories...the ones in the WWF category in the Celebrity section here at Nifty...Well, damn...Vince and ShaneVal Venis and TestKevin and MichaelKing Goes HardcoreJerry's Kid Now, on with this story. Part One of AFTER THE MATCHMAKER.---Part One - ReminiscingTuesday 26th November 2002It's been a couple of months since I wrote down the events of what had happened before. Right now I'm writing this by hand as Stephen, aka the unquestionable love of my life, is proving his I.T. skills by tampering with my computer. Although I suspect he's secretly trying to read some of my private files that he's always pestering me to show him."It's only my journal," I sigh, as he whines.He retorts, "Yeah, but I know for a fact you're writing about me.""Well duh, you *ARE* a big part of my life you know."And so he gave up again. With a rather loud sigh that suggests dismay."There, it should be running a lot quicker now." Stephen turns to face me, I think he's slightly Lolita Toplist Preteen hurt that I'm still keeping secrets from him."Thank you." I say, curtly, "You're never gonna stop trying to read those files, are you?""I just wanna know how you really feel...that's all."That's kinda sweet really. I walk over and give him an equally sweet kiss, "You know how I feel, at least you should by now...well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to show you some what I wrote about the morning after.""The morning after what?"I shake my head, "Shush you, and read already..."---Saturday September 21st.There's only one thing better than falling asleep next to the person you love.And that's waking up to realize he's still there next to you.Yesterday the most amazing thing happened. Lolita Toplist Preteen Stephen told me he loved me after I literally poured my heart out to him. Kissing ensued, right outside that restaurant, where the punters were quick to voice their approval.And then...well, back to my apartment...and the most amazing sex ever. No, I don't think it's fair to call it sex really. But we bonded, and I finally felt needed.Wanted.Loved.I lay awake in my bed this morning, not wanting to open my eyes at all. Of course I knew he was still there, I could feel him with my feet after all. But still, it's more of a mental thing.I think he was awake too. I almost laughed at the thought that he might be just as scared to open his eyes as I was. Well, I couldn't have that now could I? He's too amazing to deceive. So I opened my eyes, and yep he was there of course, looking so irresistibly cute just lying there."You can open your eyes you know," I said, trying not to giggle, "I'm not going anywhere."His eyes *snapped* open. He turned around to look at me, I must've been smiling because he soon smiled too. He ran his fingers through my hair, I appreciated the simple gesture and brushed his cheek with my hand."Morning." Stephen said sleepily.He shuffled closer to me, our noses now touching. If I didn't know by now how he felt, I would've done by now. These little gestures were very moving. Our lips soon met in soft harmony. We were both still too tired to do much else really. But even so, it proved that we loved each other. I don't quite know how I would've reacted if he hadn't have been there."So, does this mean we're officially boyfriends now?" He asked, resting his head under my neck. His hair tickled me a little."Mmmm...yeah. I think it's safe to say that," I replied softly, kissing his forehead.We must've just lay there for hours, not doing much really. Mostly hugging, and smothering each other with gentle kisses. I silently thanked any passing deities that today is Saturday, and that neither of us had to work today. Seriously, I could've stayed with him like that forever.Shame nature had other ideas mind you. Reluctantly I managed to drag myself away from his loving embrace, and shimmy into the toilet. What I was not expecting was for him to follow me."Do you mind?" I felt silly saying it mind you."Oh, sorry...force of habit."Yeah right.I came back out after I finished, only to be ambushed by more of his kisses. I wasn't complaining, but if there was such a thing as too much affection, now is how I would describe it."I'm gonna shower, you don't mind?" He asked.Of course I didn't mind.He's still in there now as I type this actually. I guess I'm typing this so I never, ever forget this moment of true bliss. I doubt I would forget, but it's nice to have a written record even so.Oh, he's just walked out of the shower...completely soaking and completely, oh yes, naked."Where are the towels?" He asks.I realized at that moment I was staring. I just managed to exit my trance in time to say "Cupboard under the sink."Hmm...great, now I can't get him out of my head...well, I do have a pretty big shower actually...Be right back...---"I remember you walking in on me actually," Stephen looks back at me from the computer screen, "That was nice."I wrap my arms over his shoulders, peering at the screen over his shoulder."Yeah, it really was."---Saturday September 21st - LaterYou know, I don't think the creator of the Shower system has ever been given enough credit.Stephen's fallen asleep on the couch, still naked, but much less wet. I reluctantly put a blanket over him.Sneaking into the bathroom was easy, Stephen was back in the shower now. He had looked out two large fluffy towels.Gee, do you think he was expecting me to do this...?I open the shower door quietly, and slip in. I'm pretty sure he knew I was there, but he never registered it until I began snuffling his ear with my cheek."Hey you." I whisper softly into said ear.I may have spent too much time snuggling his ear though. Ah well, I just wanted to be close to him really."You don't have a secret ear fetish or something?" He's laughing.Well, he wasn't expecting a serious answer..."No. Of course I don't," I spin him around to face me, "Just a Stephen fetish. Your cheeks..."I planted Lolita Toplist Preteen soft kisses on each of his cheeks. Then his nose."Your nose, your lips..."He kissed me first, I hate it when he beats me to it."Oh god yes, your lips."He kissed me again, and there was more hunger to the kiss this time. I can feel him getting very aroused.I smile impishly, "And that's a Lolita Toplist Preteen bonus."I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer still, for another round of kisses. His tongue probing my mouth, tonsil hockey never sounded so true in statement."I have a feeling this is why you got such a big shower..." I cut him off with another kiss."Well," I grin, "Perhaps that's part of the reason..."His head slips onto my shoulder, he whispered into my ear, "Want you." do you respond to that one?"You got me."It seemed adequate enough.What I didn't think would happen was him suddenly, and very quickly I must say, falling to his knees and rubbing me up the *VERY* right way. I was pretty much erect before he started caressing it, but damned if it didn't seem to swell under his touch.Mmmm...nice memory that. Maybe I should bold it?He took it all in his mouth, which I could not believe really. I expected him to start gagging or something."Dammit, I knew you had a big mouth and all..."Okay, cheap shot and all...he can be such a blabbermouth at times...yet it only seemed to make him go faster. I think he did that to spite me, actually.Well, that was a *REALLY* stupid thought.By this point I'm using the wall to steady myself as he was giving me the best blowjob I think anybody could ever have. I don't quite know how I managed not to slip down the wall, I assume Stephen used one of his hands to steady me, as the other was fondling my balls in time with his sucking.I really should have warned him when I was about to cum, but it happened a bit suddenly really. All he had to warn him was a rather loud moan, which made him speed up even more. Soon I was shooting a load of sperm into him, he choked this time and, wet shower and all, slipped back against the wall. But he reached over with one hand and soon had the rest of the cum splashed all over him. The water washed most of it away, but he made a point of licking as much as he could before it happened."You okay?" I asked, moving closer to him.He surprised me with a tight embrace, and a long passionate kiss. We stayed there, huddled together, with the shower water still pouring down. One of us eventually turned it off though, can't remember if it was him or me. And we must've got out of the shower too, because I do remember wrapping one of the towels around him and drying him off. He did the same with me, and soon enough we were tied together by our tongues. His hands soon roamed down towards my ass, and I guessed what he really wanted."Fuck me..." I growled into his ear, before switching to a softer voice to say; "Please."I didn't think we'd quite make it to the bedroom, and I was right as we fell onto the couch. Stephen had taken full control again, I was laying flat on my back on the couch, with him on top. He was kissing me again, and probing my ass with his fingers, readying the hole for his cock. I have no idea where he produced the condom from, but I remember opening it, and watching him slide it on expertly."Ready?" He asked."Always." I replied.With another kiss, he lifted both my legs over his shoulders, and slowly guided his cock into my hole.Good thing he was kissing me, I nearly screamed as he went inside me. But I couldn't scream, thankfully. He placed one hand on my shoulder to balance himself, and slowly started to pound my ass into wonderful submission. I didn't mind him going so slowly, really, but I knew he was holding back. Not wanting to hurt me."Faster." I pant, literally.I was pretty glad he obliged, I don't think I could've stood slow motion sex for very long. Intimacy is all well and good, but this wasn't exactly destined to be out most intimate moment ever. He soon started grunting as he moved in and out of me, horny bastard. I moved my hands to his ass, pushing him in further at the correct moments. He definitely didn't need any help with the sex, but I think he was grateful all the same.Soon he was going faster, meaning that he was probably near release."Just a warning," He moaned, "I wanna cum all over you...""Please do." Was all I could reply, I didn't really want him out of me, but if it would make him happier."Oh god, Stephen..." I moan.I guess hearing his name was enough, as seconds after I said it he had left, sadly, my ass and was jerking off over me. I took over that responsibility, and soon enough he got his wish. He Lolita Toplist Preteen came everywhere, all over me and my couch. He must've started jerking me off too, because suddenly I felt the welcome sensation of release, again, too. My stomach was covered in a hybrid of our semen, which seemed like some sort of weird bonding ritual.Stephen fell on top of me, allowing me to place kisses all over his face."My god Matthew..." He said, "See what you do to me?"I must've blushed. Seriously."Stephen..." I purred, "Just tell me you love me.""I love you Matthew."He took over my mouth again. Mmmm...I think I'm addicted to his kisses. Not such a bad thing."Love you too Stephen."We lay there for what seemed like ever. Stephen fell asleep at some point. I gently rolled him onto his back, and got a blanket to cover him up with.After a quick shower, I decided I had to write all this down. I couldn't believe what he said before..."See what you do to me?"It's a nice feeling to know that you can make a person feel so happy. It's even nicer to know that person thinks you are the only one who can do so.Truth is, I feel exactly the same way about him too. Nobody has ever made me feel so good inside before.Oh, he's stirring. He must be about to wake up. I'd better close this, don't want him knowing what a mushy bastard I am...---"So you mushy bastard," He grins, "Do you remember what happened after that?"I nod, "You walked over and put your arms around my shoulders, kissing me on the cheek, before I turned my head for my lips to be devoured by you. I was still sitting down, and I saw your rock hard cock dangling. So I broke away from your lips and sucked you off, seeing how I had already came twice and you only once. You moaned, I'm surprised there were no complaints from the neighbors, and you came pretty quickly. My face was covered with your cum. You produced a towel and gently wiped my face clean. Then you kissed me, and told me you loved me, and that you never wanted to be with anyone else but me. And I just smiled and whispered, 'me too'.""Wow, you've got a pretty good memory then.""Not really, that's how the next page starts..."He moved in to kiss me again, but the phone chose that moment to ring. I answered it,"Hello? You have the worst timing ever!""Matthew? It's Martin."I mouthed 'It's Martin' to Stephen, who shrugged."I need to talk to you about something, I have a presentation coming up soon and since you work in Personnel and all...""You want my help? Oh, sure...tomorrow will be fine."I frowned as I put the receiver down.Stephen was equally frowny, "I don't buy it.""He's up to something..." I said aloud, "It'll be fun to find out what though.""You will be careful love.""Of course I will."Stephen didn't look convinced. I wasn't either, something was seriously wrong about this whole situation.What the hell does he want?Guess I'll find out tomorrow...and I'll let you know then.---Okay, I gracefully accept your criticisms and whatnot. Did I do something wrong? Tell me! It can only make me a better a warning that there will be much less gratuitous sex in the next chapter as I try to actually tell a story.Wow, what a concept...
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